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Public Reading @ Redpath Museum : A True Story


2 Nov 2014 14:00
Redpath Museum : In Auditorium., 859 rue Sherbrooke Ouest Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 0C4
Price: Free with donation to Museum.

By Denis Brault, M.Ed. McGill '80, Professor of Latin and Greek for La Fondation Humanitas

Written by a second century Greek writer and widely thought to be the first science fiction story, A True Story by Lucian of Samosata is about a war to rule the Morning Star by the kings of the Moon and the Sun. Some of its notable characters include dog-faced men fighting on winged acorns, cloud-centaurs and stalk-and-mushroom men. 

Musical accompaniment by cellist Vincent BĂ©langer. Part of a Public Reading Series.

Image:  The illustration shows a battle between the Moon and Sun people. This is a 17th-century Dutch edition. Taken from The Guardian, May 2011.
Source Site: /redpath