PACE: The Boring Guide to Building Wealth: Budgeting and Balance sheets


McGill School of Continuing Studies, 688 Sherbrooke Street West, CA

Monday February 25: Budgeting and Balance sheets:
How to create a realistic budget and assess personal net worth using financial guidelines at each stage of life. How to identify personal values and goals for one’s financial plan.

Monday March 11: Understanding and Using Credit:
To understand the difference between “good” and “bad” credit and how to use credit prudently. How to obtain one’s credit record and handle excessive debt.

Monday March 18: Saving and Investing for Life:
To understand and use the “pay yourself first” principle and dollar cost averaging to build assets over time. How to determine a balanced asset mix.

Monday March 25: Make your Tax Return work for you:
To be able to analyze your tax return and maximize tax benefits and credits.

Monday April 1: Disability and Estate Planning:
To be able to prepare for difficult decisions when facing disability or death. How to organize one’s affairs for easy retrieval by family in case of need.

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