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Net Positive Presents Danny Pearl: Greening and Densifying our Cities and Campuses


8 Apr 2014 11:00
Thomson House : 3650 rue McTavish Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 1Y2
Please, come and join us in welcoming architect Daniel Pearl as the next Net Positive speaker!

Danny co-founded l’OEUF with Mark Poddubiuk in 1992, in order to concentrate his expertise in sustainable and environmental design. A tenured half-time associate professor at the school of architecture at the University of Montréal he is also a founding board member of the Canada Green Building Council and founding Chair of the academic education committee. Operating between mainstream architectural practice and advanced academic research, Daniel and his co-workers, have developed an architecture that attempts to respond to, reveal and exploit the latent social and environmental characteristics of a particular context as a basis for l’OEUF’s numerous housing and institutional projects.

In May, a final, half-day workshop will be held to discuss what has been learned from the 3/4 speakers and to begin to put together a vision statement for a green building/sustainability hub at McGill.

The talks and workshops to are expected to be attended by faculty, staff, and students at all levels.
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