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Montreal Digital Humanities Showcase 2013


22 May 2013 13:00
Leacock Building : 232, 855 rue Sherbrooke Ouest Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 2T7

who: Montreal Researchers

what: Projects using or considering digital technologies & Methods, resources, or tools in humanistic research

how: Prepare a 5 minute snappy short on your work for an interdisciplinary audience

when: May 22, 1-4

where: Leacock 232, McGill University

Montreal has a vibrant Digital Humanities community. Yet we don't get together enough, en masse, to Showcase what we're up do - both students and faculty researchers alike. And so we're going to host you all on May 22, 1-4pm. We want to know what you're up to, what you've done this year, new and established projects, and even those still in infancy or incubation, are welcome to present. We're not doing regular papers - but 'shorts'. Presentations will last c. 5 minutes, followed by 15-20 mins of discussion, allowing participants to receive feedback and discuss their work in a more informal manner. The event is open to the public.