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Human Development Speaker Series - Nancy Eisenberg, Ph.D.


25 Oct 2013 11:00
Education Building : Room 233, 3700 rue McTavish Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 1Y2

Emotion-Related Self-Regulation: Conceptualization and Relations with Socioemotional Functioning

Dr. Eisenberg will discuss the construct of emotion-related regulation and differentiate between effortful control and aspects of control that are less voluntary (reactive control). She will present findings on the relation of effortful control and reactive control to children’s adjustment and social competence, the mediating role of personality resiliency.  Finally, she will give a couple of examples of the relation between aspects of parental socialization and children’s regulation and adjustment.

Nancy Eisenberg, Ph.D., Arizona State University

Prof. Eisenberg is considered one of the premier developmental scientists in the world. She has made pioneering theoretical, empirical, and methodological contributions to the understanding of basic developmental processes. In particular, her cutting-edge research continues to provide foundational knowledge in the areas of prosocial behavior and moral reasoning, empathy-related responding, and emotion-related regulation. Her research examines socialization and cultural factors in emotion regulation and dysregulation, adjustment, social competence, and prosocial responding.

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