Henry Mintzberg, IMPM & EFMD Special Workshop



Developing Practicing Managers and their Organizations

Target group

This workshop is intended for academics, training professionals and staff of corporate academies interested in new ways to engage in management education and development. The intention is to tap into the years of learning from the International Masters in Practicing Management (IMPM.org), founded in 1996, and a family of spin-off programmes that have been designed to build on that experience.

Picking up where Henry Mintzberg left off in his book Managers not MBAs, the IMPM has made significant progress in rethinking education and development for people well into their managerial careers.  The pedagogy is built around the belief that managers will invest by building on their own experiences. A number of pedagogical innovations have resulted; managerial mindsets, morning reflections, managerial exchanges, friendly consulting (on managers’ challenges), competency sharing nad IMpact teams.

Participants in this workshop will not only hear about these new ideas but also live them in the design. To open, they will be asked to share their concerns for management education and development, and to close, they will reflect on the consequences of the day’s learning for their own programs.

The workshop will be lead by:

  • Prof. Henry Mintzberg, Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies, Desautels Faculty of Management
  • Dr. Leslie K. Breitner, Cycle Director, IMHL and IMPM Programs, Desautels Faculty of Management
  • Dora Koop, Managing Director, IMPM Program, Desautels Faculty of Management

Date: May 15-16, 2013
Brussels, Belgium

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