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From Forest to Newsstand: The Canadian Origins of the American Newspaper


13 Mar 2013 16:00
Faculty Club : 3450 rue McTavish Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 0E5

Professor Michael Stamm, Associate Professor in the Department of History and School of Journalism at Michigan State University, will deliver the Fulbright Lecture titled From Forest to Newsstand: The Canadian Origins of the American Newspaper.

This lecture connects two histories of the past century: the evolution of the American newspaper as an industrial commodity and the development of the trade policies structuring the modern North American economy. To weave these stories into a braided narrative, I explore the Chicago Tribune’s Canadian papermaking operations, which began in 1913 when the United States government lifted the duty on newsprint produced in Canada.  Favorable tariff policy helped the Tribune become one of the most influential newspapers in the U.S., and the corporate exploitation of Canadian forests in turn spurred the development of one of Canada’s most important staple industries.



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