Fall 2012 Neuroethics Seminar Series: Contemplating an ethics informed agenda for protracted palliative care in chronic neurological disorders


Room 255, IRCM, CA, 110 Avenue des Pins Ouest Montreal, Quebec, CA

Richard Riopelle, MD

McGill University, Canada

The Montreal Neuroethics Network promotes neuroethics training, education and dialogue by exposing various audiences to neuroethics issues; fostering collaboration and mutual learning; and ensure Montreal's leadership in addressing ethical and social issues in neuroscience and healthcare delivery through inter-institutional collaborations.

All are welcome but please note that there are required readings for most seminars and limited spaces. Please RSVP to emily [dot] bell [at] ircm [dot] qc [dot] ca to obtain the readings for each seminar.


Contact Information

Ms. Emily Bell
emily.bell [at] ircm.qc.ca