The Development of Small Homogeneous States: Denmark, but with an Irish Warning. A Guest Lecture by Prof. John Hall


Arts Building Arts Room 160, 853 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 0G5, CA

Professor Hall has held previous posts at Southampton University, the London School of Economics and Harvard University. His publications include The Sociology of Literature, Longmans, 1979; Diagnoses of Our Time, Heinemann, 1981; Powers and Liberties, Blackwell, 1985; Liberalism, Paladin, 1988; The State, (co-authored with G. J. Ikenberry), Minnesota, 1989; Coercion and Consent, Polity, 1994; International Orders, Polity, 1996; Is America Breaking Apart? Princeton (co-authored with Charles Lindholm), 1999; he has edited collections dealing with the state, the rise of capitalism, the social philosophy of Ernest Gellner, the theory of nationalism and the nature of civil society. At present he is writing on the interaction between nations, states and empires. He was an Invited Fellow at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (SCASSS) in Uppsala, Sweden, during the 1999-2000 academic year, Visiting Research Professor (1999-2002) at Queen's University in Belfast, and the Fowler Hamilton Fellow at Christ Church College, Oxford in 2003. He has been an Honorary Professor of Sociology and Politics at the University of Copenhagen since 2001. He served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts 2003-2005. His book titled "Ernest Gellner: An Intellectual Biography" was published in 2010 and longlisted for the Orwell Prize.

Refreshments will be provided.