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Cutting Edge Lecture in Science By Tracy Webb (Physics, McGill)


14 Mar 2013 18:00
Redpath Museum : Auditorium, 859 rue Sherbrooke Ouest Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 0C4
Price: Free, everyone welcome.

Dr. Webb’s research centers on the growth of structure in the universe, and galaxies in particular. My approach is to use data at many different wavelengths of light; each wavelength probes a different physical process and tells us something unique about galaxy formation. Because a lot of the physics in galaxies happens behind thick veils of dust, she focusses much of her research on submillimeter (~400-1200µm) and mid/far-infrared (~3-400µm) observations, which directly detect the dust and provide clues to what's happening behind it. She primarily studies galaxies in the very distant and young universe (i.e., high-redshift); because of the finite speed of light we are seeing these systems as they existed 5-12 billion years ago and can literally watch them form! However,she is also beginning programs to study near-by galaxies since these systems can be studied in much more detail and will provide insight into the processes which formed the galaxies of today.

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