AIMS for Africa and the "Next Einstein Initiative



Special Physics Colloquium, Friday, Jan. 17, 15:30 Rutherford Physics Building Room 112, McGill University


Speaker: Prof. Neil Turok, Perimeter Institute

Title: AIMS for Africa and the "Next Einstein Initiative".


Neil Turok is the Director of the Perimeter Institute and was the 2012 Massey Lecturer. Before joining the Perimeter Institute he was Professor of Mathematical Physics at the University of Cambridge. A few years ago, Neil managed to set up the first AIMS institute (African Institute of Mathematical Sciences), located in South Africa. This institute provides an MSc course for students from across Africa.

This program has been so successful that there are now plans for more than 10 such institutes in different countries. The second institute (located in Senegal) has now also been up and running for a couple of years. In his colloquium, Neil will discuss the history and goals of AIMS and the vision for education in Africa.