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ABCs of the PhD - Thriving as a T.A.


30 Apr 2013 13:00
Thomson House : 3650 rue McTavish Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 1Y2
Being a teaching assistant consumes a great deal of time but is a financial necessity for many graduate students. The TA experience is two-fold. While sharing our knowledge and facilitating learning is immensely gratifying, we often find ourselves wondering how to keep up with research and course-work priorties amidst the deluge of TA responsibilities.
Can one be an excellent TA and a productive graduate student at the same time?
A panel of successful TA's (as per awards and instructor recommendations) will share their answers to this question via examples, strategies and techniques that have enabled them to thrive as TA's (while continuing to be successful as graduate-student researchers).
1. TA-Instructor relations
2. TA & student communications
3. Instructional tools
4. Negotiation and assertiveness skills
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