7th Summer Institute of Jurilinguistics - "Word Games: Translating. Writing. Thinking Law"


Chancellor Day Hall 3644 rue Peel, Montreal, QC, H3A 1W9, CA

The seventh edition of the Summer Institute of Jurilinguistics is organized by the Paul-André Crépeau Centre for Private and Comparative law, in collaboration with the other members of the Network of Jurilinguistic Centres.

The theme of the seventh Summer Institute of Jurilinguistics – "Word Games: Translating. Writing. Thinking Law" – is an invitation to ponder from multiple perspectives the importance of properly translating, writing and thinking law, the means used to do so, as well as the difficulties inherent to such an undertaking.

See the full programme. UPDATE: we regret that registrations are now closed. 

Law is an exercise in communication, and like all communication, it has its constraints and subtleties. The multiplicity of actors and of their potentially divergent interests can on occasion be a hindrance to the transmission of a legal message.

As such, lawyers, judges and translators, not to mention justice seekers, politicians and other legal actors, are constantly confronted with the particularities and limits of legal language. Accepting that legislators do not simply talk for the sake of talking, we are sometimes faced with the constraints of language when it comes time to translate or interpret law. How, then, do we make choices, write and translate to ensure law’s clarity and precision, all the while leaving room for judicial interpretation?

This seventh Summer Institute of Jurilinguistics will be an occasion to reflect on the place of words in law, a subject of particular relevance in a country that is home to more than one language and more than one legal tradition, and especially in a global context in which legal language is increasingly of interest.