Herald Food Writer Bugs Out for Dinner


Between the three of us, a small plate is piled high with the grasshopper bodies.

They have been roasted, salted and flavoured with some spicy chipotle, but they are also clearly identifiable as insects with an exoskeleton and, in the case of many, including the first one I grab, little eyes.

... “Insects are the food of the future,” says Jesse Pearlstein, chief financial officer for the collection of students, known as Aspire Food Group.

... It will also mean getting essential protein, iron and micronutrients into those who need it most, including expectant mothers, says Shobhita Soor, Aspire’s chief marketing officer. Crickets, grasshoppers and locusts are high in protein, as well as calcium and zinc.

Read full article: Calgary Herald, April 10, 2014