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War and Robots

Beaverbrook Annual Lecture by Peter W. Singer - Wired for War: Everything You Wanted to Know about Robots and War but Were Afraid to Ask

Thu, 2012-11-29 18:00 - 19:30
Faculty of Law, Moot Court, Room 100 : 3660 Peel

In the last decade, robotics has moved from the world of science fiction onto the battlefield, and soon onto the home front. The U.S. military for example, went from having a handful of unarmed “drones” to more than 8,000 in the air and another 12,000 on the ground. It is joined by over 50 other nations in using military robotics, from Canada, France and the U.K., to Russia, China, and Iran. And now, this new technology is increasingly being used in fields that range from law enforcement to media.