Sylvain Baillet

Predicting when a sound will occur relies on the brain’s motor system

Published: 5Oct2017

Research shows how the brain’s motor signals sharpen our ability to decipher complex sound flows...

Neuro researchers receive grants from Canada Brain Research Fund

Published: 27Apr2017

Brain diseases and disorders are the leading cause of disability, directly affecting one in three Canadians as well as millions of family members, friends, colleagues and caregivers. The Government...

Dr. Computer

Published: 20Mar2017

Deep learning transforming neuroscience research...

A unique album: 30 years of imaging the brain

Published: 9Feb2015

The Neuro’s McConnell Brain Imaging Centre reaches a milestone...

Training your brain using neurofeedback

Published: 20Jan2014

A new brain-imaging technique for a true brain workout