Payam Akhavan

Expert: Omar Khadr to receive apology and compensation package

Published: 5Jul2017

“The Trudeau government is poised to offer an apology and a $10-million compensation package to former child soldier Omar Khadr for abuses he suffered while detained in the U.S. military prison for...

Thorn in the side of war criminals, ayatollahs and dictators

Published: 22Oct2016

Montreal law professor Payam Akhavan has risked life in conflict zones in globetrotting crusade for human rights Read more: Toronto Star 

Coderre visit to Iran

Published: 17Oct2016

Denis Coderre made “an early October side trip to Iran to meet the mayor of Tehran, a prominent figure in the country’s repressive theocracy.” (The National Post)

Expert: Turkey (July 21, 2016)

Published: 21Jul2016

"Turkey has banned all academics from leaving the country, cancelling their annual leave, as President Tayyip Erdogan's post-coup crackdown escalated to 'exceptional proportions'. One British...