Laurette Dube

Fetal growth interacts with multilocus genetic score reflecting dopamine signaling capacity to predict spontaneous sugar intake in children

Published: 20Nov2017

Authors: P.P. Silveira, I. Pokhvisneva, H. Gaudreau, L. Atkinson, A.S. Fleming, M.B. Sokolowski, M. Steiner, J.L. Kennedy, Laurette Dubé, R.D. Levitan, M.J. Meaney, MAVAN research team...

MCCHE is at the centre of efforts to support Indian pulse production

Published: 11May2017

The Pulse Innovation Platform of the McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics (MCCHE) brings new methods of food production and marketing to India.

Gene and environment interaction: Is the differential susceptibility hypothesis relevant for obesity?

Published: 25Jan2017

Authors: Mollea, R.D., Fatemia, H., Dagherb, A., Levitanc, R.D., Silveirad, P.P., Dubé, L. Publication: Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews Abstract:

The evolution of an ICT platform-enabled ecosystem for poverty alleviation: The case of Ekutir

Published: 22Jun2016

Authors: Jha, S.K., Pinsonneault, A., Dubé, L. Publications: MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems Abstract: 

Cohort profile: The Montreal Neighbourhood Networks And Healthy Aging (MoNNET-HA) study

Published: 4May2016

Authors: Moore, S., Buckeridge, D.L., Dubé, L. Publication: International Journal of Epidemiology Abstract: 

Companies and universities tackle obesity through pulses

Published: 11Mar2016

To discover new ways of promoting pulses like lentils and peas to tackle obesity and undernutrition, the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University has launched a platform that enables...

Personality and situation predictors of consistent eating patterns

Published: 17Feb2016

Authors: Vainik, U., Dubé, L., Lu, J., Fellows, L.K. Publication: PLoS ONE Abtract: 

Common gene variant influences girls' food choices

Published: 10Feb2016

The same gene variant may lead girls to make healthy or unhealthy food choices- depending on their early socio-economic environment...