Karl Moore

Karl Moore on Boomers, millennials and the post-truth world

Published: 8Sep2017

Desautels Associate Professor Karl Moore writes in Forbes that executives and older people who are disoriented by the post-fact world can do themselves a favour by looking to millennials for help....

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From dropout to airline mogul: how Wow Air’s CEO made his own success

Published: 5Sep2017

Desautels Professor Karl Moore writes in the Calgary Herald that Icelandic businessman Skúli Morgensen’s low-cost carrier Wow Air is only the latest company that he has founded since he started his...

Karl Moore on Air Transat: the company needs to learn from its mistakes

Published: 1Sep2017

Desautels Professor Karl Moore recently appeared on BNN to discuss the hearings into the stranding of two Air Transat flights in Ottawa last month....

Bombardier’s past haunts it as NYC blocks it from bidding on new subway cars

Published: 1Sep2017

According to a story in the Montreal Gazette, Bombardier has been frozen out of a bidding process to build up to 1,695 new subway cars for the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority due to...

Karl Moore traces brands, from ancient Rome to today

Published: 24Aug2017

A recent piece at Appsforpcdaily.com delves into The Birth of the Brand: 4000 Years of Branding History, a study by Desautels professor Karl Moore and Susan E. Reid that contends that brands are as...

Three keys for introverted leaders

Published: 23Aug2017

Desautels professor Karl Moore writes in The Globe and Mail that, though most business leadership writing is aimed at extroverts, introverted leaders are becoming more evident every day. He goes on...

To realise your potential, be fully engaged.

Published: 8Aug2017

A piece in Forbes co-authored by Desautels professor Karl Moore and Sandoz executive Vincenzo Ciampi (BCom’94) says that it takes a sense of purpose to realise one’s career potential....

BRP largely immune to malaise afflicting Bombardier

Published: 2Aug2017

Since being sold off by Bombardier in 2003, BRP has enjoyed a string of successes while its parent has staggered under the weight of economic, management and public relations woes. And though the...

Karl Moore nominated for Thinkers50 prize

Published: 2Aug2017

Desautels Professor Karl Moore has been nominated in the leadership category of this year’s Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Awards....