insider trading

Professor Patrick Augustin wins Best Paper on Empirical Finance

Published: 25Sep2015

Professor Patrick Augustin wins Best Paper on Empirical Finance at the 2015 Northern Finance Association Annual Meeting for his paper "Informed Options Trading prior to M&A Announcements:...

Insider Trading Investigators Have a Blind Spot

Published: 16Mar2015

Over the past year, a record 266 companies have spun off divisions in a trend bankers are calling “Spinmania.” If history is any guide, about 35 of those deals will have leaked undetected to inside...

Study: Lots of suspicious trading, but not many convictions

Published: 24Jul2014

According to a new study, insider trading often occurs during merger and acquisitions and is rarely punished. BNN takes a closer look with one of the report's co-authors, Patrick Augustin,...

Rampant insider trading rarely leads to prosecution, says study

Published: 15Jul2014

Insider trading continues to be “pervasive” before merger and acquisition deals but rarely leads to prosecutions, according to an analysis of unusual trading patterns by a team of professors in...

Hillshire Options Bring in the Bacon

Published: 8Jul2014

Bullish options bets on Hillshire Brands Co. stand to deliver millions of dollars in profits to one or more traders who correctly wagered in recent weeks that the company's stock would surge.

The problem with insider obsession

Published: 25Jun2014

If investors needed another reason to distrust the stock market, here’s a doozy. A study by a trio of researchers in the U.S. and Canada into insider trading found that one-quarter of the big...

Are all insiders rogue traders?

Published: 25Jun2014

Insider trading is a topic of intense public debate these days, but this debate must be framed in the context of a clear, objective definition of informed versus insider trading.

Die meisten Insiderhandler kommen davon

Published: 25Jun2014

Ofter als gedacht wird illegal ve rsucht, vertrauliche Kenntnisse an der Borse zu versilbern.

Study Asserts Startling Numbers of Insider Trading Rogues

Published: 17Jun2014

There is often a tip. Before many big mergers and acquisitions, word leaks out to select investors who seek to covertly trade on the information. Stocks and options move in unusual ways that aren’t...