Researching the Future of Food, 12:00


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Controlling obesity with potato extract

Published: 9Dec2014

Take a look in your pantry: the miracle ingredient for fighting obesity may already be there. A simple potato extract may limit weight gain from a diet that is high in fat and refined carbohydrates...

Feeding a University

Published: 14Sep2014

The Gazette | Sept. 7, 2014...

Workshop for le Mois de l'archéologie: Roman Banquet FULL


This event is fully booked. No more spots available. With Stephanie Maurel (Classics and Archeology, Concordia University)

City-grown vegetables could feed urban dwellers

Published: 25Jul2014

In a number of cities around the world, residents have transformed previously derelict sites, ignored corners and over-grown verges into green and productive vegetable plots...

Can Urban Agriculture Feed the World's Growing Cities?

Published: 25Jul2014

Living in a city puts everything at your fingertips: From fashion and movies to social movements and political experiments, residents of urban areas experience most everything before it trickles...