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Juanicas- A documentary on mental illness (Bi-polar)

Fri, 2015-03-27 19:30 - Sun, 2015-03-29 21:30
Excentris Movie Theatre : 3536 St-Laurent, Montreal, QC , H2X 2V1
Price: $7+

Juanicas, written and directed by Montrealer Karina Garcia Casanova, is a bittersweet personal chronicle of her family's struggle with mental illness.

Source Site: /psychiatry

Science Documentary Film: Perfect Predators

Sun, 2012-10-14 15:00 - 17:00
Redpath Museum : Auditorium or room 200, 859 rue Sherbrooke Ouest Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 0C4
Price: Free

Perfect Predators (Science, 2009): The Cretaceous Period spawned walking death machines with a savage combination of speed, eyesight, brainpower, and razor-sharp implements. The latest science reveals the anatomical secrets of these bloodthirsty carnivores.

Source Site: /redpath