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Visionary Organizing in an Age of Climate Crisis with CHARITY HICKS - presented by Under the Weather

Thu, 2013-11-14 18:30 - 20:00
Adams Building : Adams Auditorium, 3450 rue University Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 0E8
Price: Free

Many people feel we live in ecologically destructive, highly unequal and spiritually toxic economies.


They crave an alternative. But what should it look like? And how will we get there? Detroit is a city on the front-lines of neoliberal and ecological devastation. It is also a laboratory for alternatives.

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Lift-Off: The Sustainability Soirée

Thu, 2013-11-14 17:00 - 19:00
Bookstore : Third Floor, 3420 rue McTavish Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 3L1
Price: Free

On Thursday, November 14th Vision 2020 will turn the page from planning to action!


Ever experienced a bike-powered cinema, a community mapping project, a theatrical performance, and a beautiful local snack all in one evening?

Curious about how it all connects? Join us on Thursday, November 14th on the Third Floor of the McGill Bookstore for a creative and inspiring celebration of the emerging culture of Sustainability at McGill. Here we'll toast to the first draft of the McGill Sustainability Strategy and generate excitement to keep it moving forward.

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Zero Waste Week McGill 2013

Mon, 2013-11-04 16:00 - Sun, 2013-11-17 16:00
Price: Free

Greening McGill, in collaboration with others, presents Zero Waste Week 2.0!


Come become inspired to learn, discuss, and adapt the ways of sustainable living through field trips, events, and workshops. The goal of the project is to live one week--just one week--without producing any garbage at all! Join us, and let's get zero wasted!

You can check out the trailer for the documentary that inspired it all here.

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Sustainability Fridays

Fri, 2013-10-25 16:00 - 18:00
Faculty Club : 2nd Floor, 3450 rue McTavish Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 0E5
Price: Free

Invite your friends and colleagues to join you at the Faculty Club this friday!

Come share a drink, a snack, and a conversation with other McGill professors, students, and staff interested in sustainability. Since Sustainability Fridays were such a success last year, they are being started up again, coordinated by MOOS (McGill Office of Sustainability), and supported by generous partners.

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Climate Justice panelists talk Enbridge Line 9

Sun, 2013-10-20 14:45

Safety, environmental racism discussed

Published on October 2013 | McGill Daily
Written by Mark Tartamella

On October 10, CKUT 90.3FM and the McGill Sustainability Projects Fund hosted the second installment of “Under the Weather,” a monthly series focusing on climate change.

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Macdonald Campus welcomes the Class of 2027

Sun, 2013-10-20 14:40

The latest results of a cross-country science test show that Quebec students are falling behind many of their provincial counterparts in science.

Published on October 16 2013 | McGill Reporter
Written by Kathy MacLean

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Hundreds of millions of people still go to bed hungry every night

Sun, 2013-10-20 14:16

In the early 1990s, when more than 1 billion people were going hungry ever year, this goal represented a reduction of 50 per cent.

Published on October 8 2013 | Gazette
Written by Hugp Melgar-Quiñonez

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McGill hosts second annual Community Engagement Day

Wed, 2013-10-09 14:51

CED was created as a student-administrator initiative in 2012 by SEDE, in partnership with the SSMU Community Engagement Committee (CEC).

Published on October 06 2013 | McGill Daily
Written by Dana Wray

The CEC administers a $0.50 per person Charity Fund fee for student initiatives that connect McGill with the external community.

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MSE 15th Anniversary

Sat, 2013-10-19 10:30 - 11:30
Centennial Centre : 21111 Lakeshore Road St Anne de Bellevue Quebec Canada , H9X 3V9
Price: Free

The McGill School of Environment celebrates 15 years of a broad-based environmental literacy and we continue to generate new insights, new technologies, and new approaches to understanding and addressing environmental problems.

To register, please click here.

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