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Neuro researchers receive grants from Canada Brain Research Fund

Published: 27Apr2017

Brain diseases and disorders are the leading cause of disability, directly affecting one in three Canadians as well as millions of family members, friends, colleagues and caregivers. The Government...

Don’t scan so close to me

Published: 15Aug2016

What does the 1960s Beatles hit “Girl” have in common with Astor Piazzolla’s evocative tango composition “Libertango”?...

Practice doesn’t always make perfect

Published: 28Jul2015

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? New research on the brain’s capacity to learn suggests there’s more to it than the adage that “practise makes perfect.” A music-training study by scientists at the...

Brain Imaging Lecture - Prof Jorge Riera - Understanding BOLD signal genesis in focal epilepsy


Prof Jorge Riera, PhD - Biomedical Engineering - Florida International University (Miami) Understanding BOLD signal genesis in focal epilepsy

William Feindel (1918-2014)

Published: 15Jan2014

William Feindel, O.C., G.O.Q., MDCM, D. Phil...