Drs. David Rudko and Christine Tardif join the BIC as new faculty members, MR specialists.

Published: 2May2017

We are truly happy and fortunate to welcome Drs. Christine Tardif and David Rudko as new BIC core Faculty members, effective May 01, 2017. They join the BIC team and platform as MR specialists, in...

BIC awarded $3.9M Platform Support Grant from Brain Canada Foundation

Published: 27Apr2017

It is our great pleasure to announce that our centre has been awarded a Brain Canada Platform Support Grant of $3.9M. We are thankful to the MNI and the Webster Family Foundation for providing the...

Dr. Computer

Published: 20Mar2017

Deep learning transforming neuroscience research...

BIC Director Sylvain Baillet reviews MEG in Nature Neuroscience.

Published: 15Mar2017

The latest issue of Nature Neuroscience presents a special issue focused on the state of the art of human brain imaging. 

BIC deep-learning educational workshop

Published: 6Feb2017

The BIC hosted a series of Deep Learning workshops organized by Santiago Paiva (Hoge lab) and Dr. Robert Brown (Arnold lab) on January 19th and 26th. 

Dr. Stephan Binder and Mr. Chris Hsiao join the BIC PET Unit

Published: 6Feb2017

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Stephan Blinder as the new BIC PET physicist on staff. ...

Ted Strauss joins BIC staff as Manager, Data Resources

Published: 13Dec2016

Truly happy to see Ted join our core staff as Manager, Data Resources. Ted has 12+ years experience as a programmer, database administrator and technology generalist in the industry and academia....

Dr. Boris Bernhardt joins the BIC as new Principal Investigator

Published: 22Aug2016

We are fortunate to welcome Dr. Boris Bernhardt as BIC core Faculty Member as of August 1, 2016. Boris is a new Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill and a...

We're hiring! 1 Application Specialist/Developer - 1 Manager, Data Resources

Published: 17Jun2016

Two exciting core staff job opportunities at the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre/Montreal Neurological Institute (McGill, Montreal):...