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Audiences Want More Diverse Film Casts, Despite Studio Fears — Study

Thu, 2016-05-19 12:40

When Hollywood is taken to task for the lack of diversity in high-profile films, decision-makers' responses tend to boil down to the idea that they're actually giving audiences what they want. Movies led by familiar (usually meaning white) faces are the most profitable, they argue, hence the casting of Scarlett Johansson in "Ghost in the Shell" and Tilda Swinton in "Doctor Strange."

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Bombardier ou les avantages du contrôle familial

Thu, 2016-05-19 12:36

La commande que Delta Air Lines a passée récemment à Bombardier représente un appui important à la C Series. Maintenant, reste à déterminer si le gouvernement fédéral devrait fournir une aide financière à l’entreprise.

Karl Moore est professeur agrégé à la Faculté de gestion Desautels de l’Université McGill et associé au Green Templeton College de l’Université d’Oxford. Il s’intéresse depuis longtemps à l’industrie aéronautique et à Bombardier. 

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MBA News: Rising tuition, rising demand

Thu, 2016-05-19 12:30

In 2010, McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management did something extraordinary. It more than tripled the cost to attend its MBA program. The idea behind it was to make the program more self-sufficient and to rely less on money from the government of the province of Quebec. This year, the Montreal-based school will see a record number of applications, up 15% from last year. The director of the program says the increase in tuition has only raised the school’s cache, convincing people that more expensive means higher quality.

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Grand Rounds: 'The recovery transition program': A new peer mentoring initiative at the MUHC mental health mission - Dr. Kathryn Gill, Ronna Schwartz & The RTP Team

Fri, 2016-06-03 11:00 - 12:30
Allan Memorial Inst. Hospital : South Seminar room p1.082, 1025 avenue des Pins Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 1A1
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Grand Rounds: Schizophrenia in men and women update regarding gender differences in diagnosis, evolution and treatment of schizophrenia

Fri, 2016-05-27 11:00 - 12:30
Allan Memorial Inst. Hospital : South Seminar room p1.082, 1025 avenue des Pins Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 1A1
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Research Proposal Presentation: Young Ho Song

Thu, 2016-05-26 14:00 - 16:00

Mr. Young Ho Song, a doctoral student at McGill University in the Area of Organizational Behavior will be presenting his research proposal entitled:

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PhD Oral Defense

Mon, 2016-06-20 09:15 - 11:45
Purvis Hall : Room 24, 1st Floor, 1020 avenue des Pins Ouest Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 1A2

Robyn Lee, PhD Epidemiology Candidate
"Whole-genome sequencing for epidemiologic studies of Tuberculosis"

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Violist Marina Thibault named a Révélation musicale 2016-2017

Thu, 2016-05-19 10:50

Violist Marina Thibault, MMus'15, has been named a Révélation musicale 2016-2017 by Radio-Canada.   While a student at the Schulich School of Music she was in the class of Prof. André Roy, and was a winner of the McGill Concerto Competition.  The Révélations musicales program provides both artistic support and a performance platform for talented young artists.  

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SIS Convocation Reception - Please RSVP before May 20

Tue, 2016-06-07 10:00 - 12:00
Montreal, QC : Montreal, QC


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