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Research Watch, a periodical review of research articles published in the leading child welfare journals, is a joint initiative of the Canadian Child Welfare Rese/crcfCategory: Centre for Research...

Market and Regional Segmentation and Risk Premia in the First Era of Financial Globalization

Published: 18Oct2017

Authors: David Chambers, Sergei Sarkissian and Michael J. Schill Publication: Review of Financial Studies, Forthcoming Abstract:

Lunch-Time Discussion: Second Generations on the Move in Italy


CIRM's Lunch-Time Discussion /centre-montrealCategory: Academic seminars and lectures

Two-Sided Reputation in Certification Markets

Published: 18Oct2017

Authors: Matthieu Bouvard and Raphaël Levy Publication: Management Science, Forthcoming Abstract:

To Thine Own Self Be True? Facades of Conformity, Values Incongruence, and the Moderating Impact of Leader Integrity

Published: 18Oct2017

Authors: Patricia Faison Hewlin, Tracy L. Dumas and Meredith Flowers Burnett Publication: Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 60, No. 1, February 2017 Abstract:

Popularity or Proximity: Characterizing the Nature of Social Influence in an Online Music Community

Published: 18Oct2017

Authors: Sanjeev Dewan, Yi-Jen (Ian) Ho and Jui Ramaprasad Publication: Information Systems Research, Vol. 28, No. 1, March 2017 Abstract:

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Phishing scam: "Office365 E-mail Verification On The Containment Box"

Published: 18Oct2017

There are multiple phishing emails targeting the McGill community, with the subject "Office365 E-mail Verification On The Containment Box"" and signature "IT Help Desk Office of Information...

How management can function amid unpredictability

Published: 18Oct2017

In an article that explores how managers can adapt under circumstances that defy predictability or norms, the author cites Professor Henry Mintzberg’s discussion of Honda’s entrance into the North...

The world is consciousness according to IMHL alumnus

Published: 18Oct2017

According to a piece co-authored by Anoop Kumar (IMHL’15), the matter that comprises the world around us can be boiled down to our consciousness manifest....