Yulan Qing, University of Toronto


Convexity of balls in the outer space.

Andrew J. Vickers, PhD, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


How do we know whether a predictive model is of clinical value? How do we know whether a molecular marker is worth measuring? A discussion of some simple decision analytic methods.

Vasilisa Shramchenko, Dépt. de mathématiques, Univ. Sherbrooke


Counting ribbon graphs using quantum field theory. /mathstatCategory: Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Lecture by Lei Sun, 2017 CRM-SSC Prize Recipient


The CRM-SSC Prize in Statistics is awarded annually by the Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM) and the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC)./mathstatCategory: Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

New McGill Kinesiology Clinic provides a range of health, exercise programs

Published: 15Jan2018

• Do you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle for the new year?• Would you like to be more active physically? • Make those wishes a reality!

Dr. Saylor Appointed as Director of Indigenous Health Professions Education

Published: 18Jan2018

Dr. Kent Syalor has been appointed as the Faculty of Medicine's Director of Indigenous Health Professions Education....

Dr. Larry Lands Re-Appointed Division Director of Respirology

Published: 18Jan2018

Dr. Larry Lands has been re-appointed as the Division Director of Respirology, in the Department of Pediatrics....

Dr. Anne-Claude Gingras, Senior Investigator Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute Mount Sinai Hospital


DR. ANNE-CLAUDE GINGRAS Senior Investigator Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute Mount Sinai Hospital/pharmaCategory: Alumni Lecture dates Pharmacology Seminar Series Special events - students

Changes to how you access Books24x7 e-books

Published: 18Jan2018

Update, January 2018: In the summer of 2017, Books24x7 was migrated to a new platform Skillsoft. As of November 2017, Books24x7 is no longer available. All content that was provided by Books24x7 is...