Feed File Submission - August Month End Deadline


The deadline to submit feed files to Financial Services for fiscal period 4 (transactions dated August 1st - 31st) is September 6th....

Graduate and Postdoctoral Students | Doctoral Internship Program

Published: 19Apr2018

Are you writing, or on the verge of writing, your PhD thesis? Not sure what to do next? The Doctoral Internship Program offers you financial support to pursue an internship for up to three months....

Manon Stipulanti, Université de Liège


Des généralisations du triangle de Pascal : base 2 et au-delà. /mathstatCategory: Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

PCard Approval on MOPS - Deadline no.1 for June Transactions


Approval Deadline no.1 for Research Grants/Contracts (2F/2M fund type) ONLY. Approval deadline for PI/Delegate when Reconciler is an employee other than FSTM./financialservicesCategory: Financial...

Online Transactions - March Month End Deadline


The deadline to submit online transactions for fiscal period 11 (transactions dated March 1st - 31st) is March 31st....

PCard Approval on MOPS - Deadline no.2 for July Transactions


Approval Deadline no.2 for Research Grants/Contracts (2F/2M fund type). Approval deadline for PI/Delegate when Reconciler is FSTM./financialservicesCategory: Financial Services Month End Deadlines

Submissions to Finance Accounts Receivable - September Month End Deadline


The deadline for submissions to Finance Accounts Receivable for fiscal period 5 (transactions dated September 1st - 30th) is September 28th....

Masashi Sugiyama, RIKEN and University of Tokyo


Machine learning from weak supervision - Towards accurate classification with low labeling costs. /mathstatCategory: Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Online Transactions - October Month End Deadline


The deadline to submit online transactions for fiscal period 6 (transactions dated October 1st - 31st) is October 31st....

Report | Jeanne Sauvé Foundation Fellows leadership encounter with Aziz Choudry

Published: 19Apr2018

Jeanne Sauvé Foundation Fellow Semuhi Sinanoglu prepared a brief report for the foundation's website, summarizing a recent leadership encounter with Aziz Choudry of our Department of Integrated...