Extremes of sensorimotor control of musical performance: virtuosity and dystonia


Outstanding sensorimotor skills characterizing musicians have attracted people in the world over centuries./channels-contributeCategory: Centre for Research on Brain/Language/Music

Public Lecture - Notes on Feeling, Music and the Human Brain (Antonio Damasio)


You are invited to attend a Public Lecture entitled “Notes on Feeling, Music and the Human Brain”. This exciting keynote lecture which is part of the BRAMS Symposium will be given by Antonio...

BRAMS: The Next Ten Years


Tenth anniversary symposium of the international laboratory for Brain, Music, and Sound Research

Why we buy music

Published: 11Apr2013

New study shows what happens in the brain to make music rewarding A new study reveals what happens in our brain when we decide to purchase a piece of music when we hear it for the first time. The...

Join us at our inaugural symposium on Music and Language, with a focus this year on Development

Published: 3Apr2013

Registration is now open for the CRBLM Inaugural Symposium on Music and Language, to be held in Montréal, Canada on Friday, May 3rd and Saturday May 4th 2013. A brief conference program is included...

Early music lessons boost brain development

Published: 12Feb2013

Montreal researchers find that music lessons before age seven create stronger connections in the brain If you started piano lessons in grade one, or played the recorder in kindergarten, thank...