Faculty Development

Instructors in the health professions today must acquire knowledge and competencies that go beyond disciplinary expertise. It is now generally accepted that educational training as a teacher is essential to a faculty member's effectiveness as an educator.
Steinert, Y. & Mann, K. (2006)

Research on Faculty Development provides insight into the quality of the programs and activities that we offer to assist faculty members in their roles as educators, researchers and administrators. The research also allows for reflection on innovative ideas and concepts which drive the activities offered by the Faculty Development Office of the Faculty of Medicine.

Centre for Medical Education members have been involved in the evaluation of faculty development workshops, the Teaching Scholars Program [.pdf], and the Faculty Honour List for Educational Excellence. Dr. Yvonne Steinert, together with international colleagues, has also conducted a Systematic Review of Faculty Development [.pdf].

For a list of Centre Members' recent publications on the topic, please read here [.doc].