Conférences précédentes sur l'éducation médicale

Peter Nugus
Université McGill
How and Where Clinicians Exercise Power: A Systems Perspective on Health Care
Michelle Elizov
Université McGill
Mentor: From Greek Mythology to Educational Reality
Stuart Lubarsky
Université McGill
Learning from the (Illness) Script: Knowledge Organization and Clinical Reasoning in Health Professions Education
Glenn Regehr
University of British Columbia
Self-Assessment, Self-Direction, Self-Regulation and Other Myths
Stewart Mennin
University of New Mexico
Teaching As Leadership
Peter McLeod
Université McGill
Peer Assessment of Lecturing: From Research to Practice
Meredith Young
Université McGill

Clinical Reasoning: Early Investigations Into the Nature of Intuition and Expertise in Medicine

Kevin Souza and Marc Triola
University of California San Francisco
New York Univerisity

How Online Technologies Can Enhance Student Learning

Saleem Razack
Université McGill

Navigating the Tensions between Prestige and Access in Medical School Admissions

Wendy Levinson
University of Toronto

Combining Career & Personal Life: What We Model; What We Teach

Hilliard Jason
University of Colorado

Recent Findings About How Our Brains Work: Four Needed Transformations of Medical Education

Ronald Epstein
University of Rochester Medical Centre

Promoting Mindful Practice in Students & Residents to Improve Quality of Care

Brian Hodges
University of Toronto

Between Scylla & Charybdis: Navigating the Discourses of Competence [.pdf]

Joe Martin
Harvard University

The Future of Academic Medicine

Saleem Razack and France Drolet
Université McGill

Show Me What You Can Do: A New Way of Selecting Medical Students [.pdf]

Shmuel Reis
Technion - Israel Institue of Technology

Dilemmas in the Assessment of Moral Development in Medicine [.pdf]

Karl Moore
Université McGill

The Business of Health Education [.pdf]

Deborah Danoff
Collège des médecins et Chirurgiens du Canada

Successful Grantsmanship in Medical Education [.pdf]

Susan Brien
Institut canadien pour la sécurité des patients

Patient Safety: The Elixir of Core Competencies [.pdf]

Lorelei Lingard
University of Toronto

Learning to Talk the Talk: The Socialization of Novices through Case Presentations

John Norcini
Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)

The Mini-CEX: A Method for Assessment and Feedback [.ppt]

Sarkis Meterissian
Université McGill

Clinical Reasoning: Can It Be Assessed? [.ppt]

Paul Grand'Maison
Université de Sherbrooke

Medical Education in the Community: Current Trends and Challenges [.ppt]

Saleem Razack and Hema Patel
Université McGill

Innovative Ways of Teaching Core Competencies: Health Care Professionals as Communicators [.ppt] and as Managers [.ppt]

Dale Dauphinee
Le conseil médical du Canada

Assessment in the E-Age: Optimizing Flexibility, Patient Relevance and the Impact of Feedback [.ppt]

Marilyn Hammick
University of East Anglia

Interprofessional Education: Evidence From the Past to Guide the Future [.ppt]

Abraham Fuks
Université McGill

Medical Education: One Physician's Perspective [.ppt]

Karen Mann
Université Dalhousie

Role Modelling in Medical Education: Are We Using Its Power and Potential [.ppt]

Kelley Skeff
Stanford University

The Changing Nature of Teaching Medicine [.ppt]

Sarkis Meterissian and Cynthia Weston
Université McGill

The Art of Teaching [.ppt]

David Irby
University of California San Francisco

Educational Innovations in Academic Medicine [.pdf]

Richard K. Reznick
University of Toronto

Educational Research: Challenges and Pitfalls

Rita Charon
Columbia University

Narrative Medicine: Teaching Empathy and Clinical Courage

Fred Hafferty
University of Minnesota

The Hidden Curriculum in Medical Education

Cees van der Vleuten
University of Maastricht

The 'State of the Art' in Student Assessment

Linda Snell
Université McGill

Can Technology Enhance Small Group Learning? Report on a Pilot Project

Peter McLeod
Université McGill

Which Basic Pedagogic Concepts are Important for Medical Teaching?

Michael Kearney
Visiting Professor, Dublin Ireland

Healing: Teaching and Evaluating the Indefinable

Linda Snell
Université McGill

Humor in Teaching

Helen Karounis
Université McGill

The Adult Learner: A Mythical Species?

J. John Cohen
University of Colorado

Mini-Med School