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Medical Education Electives

Medical education electives are designed for medical students and residents who view education as part of their career. During this elective, students and residents will be exposed to the broad field of medical education, including the principles of pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, education research and development, and the role of the physician-as-teacher in undergraduate, postgraduate and faculty development settings.

Supervisors will be members of the Centre for Medical Education who have related interest and/or pertinent expertise.

This elective is not designed to improve an individual’s teaching skills but rather emphasizes the principles of pedagogy and how their application to a scholarly project in medical education could lead to improved teaching and learning.


After completing the elective, the students or residents will:

  • Be able to outline basic concepts of teaching and learning.
  • Be able to describe the role of the physician-as-teacher in different settings.
  • Have had the opportunity to make one or more oral presentations and receive feedback.
  • Have initiated and developed a project or literature review in medical education, with the goal of producing a publication, presentation, or poster.

Further specific learning objectives will be agreed upon with the supervisor depending on the student’s interests and proposed project.


Elective students and residents will participate in the activities of the Centre for Medical Education, including weekly Centre meetings. They may also have the opportunity to observe or participate in Faculty Development activities, Medical Education Rounds, curriculum development meetings or other educational activities in the Faculty of Medicine. Under the supervision of a member of the Centre, the elective student or resident is expected to initiate and develop a project in medical education and to present this work at the Centre, and more broadly. The student or resident may also have the opportunity to attend or participate in various teaching activities.

Eligibility Requirements

Medical education electives are available to McGill students, residents and fellows. Students from other medical schools may also apply. This elective does not require prior experience in education. Places are limited depending on supervisor availability, potential projects, and personal elective objectives.

Application Process

McGill medical students and medical students from other schools should apply as instructed on the Faculty of Medicine student elective website: http://www.medicine.mcgill.ca/ugme/.

Please note that applications should be made 4-6 months (minimum) prior to the requested elective period. This lead time is required to match a supervisor with the elective participant based on the type of scholarly project and for initial conceptualization and development of the project.

For additional information, to find out availability, and to apply to the program, please contact:

Dr. Michelle Elizov
Electives Program Director
Centre for Medical Education, McGill University
Lady Meredith House, Room 205
1110 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, QC H3A 1A3
Tel: (514) 398-4987
centre [dot] meded [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)