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Radan Čapek

RADAN ČAPEK, MD, PhD, is Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. His expertise and research interests are primarily in neuropharmacology and pharmacoepidemiology. He has been involved in all teaching done by the department, in medicine, undergraduate science and graduate training. He was the coordinator of pharmacology component of Unit 8 (Pathobiology, prevention and treatment of disease) of the Basis of Medicine for many years. His interest in education is focused on the teaching of basic biomedical sciences, pharmacology and therapeutics.

Current research interests: Evaluation of the use of multiple choice questions; evaluation of small group sessions by the students, re-evaluation of the pharmacology term paper and presentation by students and by small group leaders, peer assessment of lecturers.

E-mail: radan [dot] capek [at] mcgill [dot] ca
Tel: (514) 398-3607