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Individual CV Review and CV Clinics

Individual CV Review (for Professional Opportunities)

 N.B. During peak periods, please be advised that significant delays in sending CV feedback may occur.

Ce que nous offrons:

Des commentaires détaillés sur la version finale de votre CV ou CL pour vous aider à vous présenter à un employeur avec un maximum de clarté et d’impact. Vous devez soumettre une seule version (français ou anglais.)

Les commentaires sont fournis par courriel, en mode « commentaires » sur une version Word de votre CV. Vous êtes libre de commenter vous-même la version soumise, pour nous aider à bien comprendre vos choix et vos interrogations.

What we don't offer :

  • La traduction et la révision linguistique.
  • La révision de brouillons. Before submitting a CV, make sure it follows the guidelines of the Career Development Guide or CV Mini Guide, or you will be asked to comply and resubmit it later, resulting in delays.
  • La révision de CVs en dehors du processus de recherche d’emploi (échanges, concours, gouvernance étudiante, cours crédités, etc.)
  • La révision « rush ». Veuillez soumettre votre CV aussi à l’avance que possible.
  • Multiple reviews and re-reviews (though, if you have a precise question or two about a new document or integrated changes, you are welcome to touch base)

Comment procéder :

In order for us to process your CV review request, please complete all of the following steps: 

1. Read the above section about what we offer and what we do not offer in terms of CV and cover letter review service. This will help you assess if this service is right for you.
2. **Complete the CV review checklist. (Checklist is currently under review, please skip this step for now.)
3. Email your CV in Word format (so we can use "track changes" to make comments) to cdo [dot] law [at] mcgill [dot] ca 
a. Specify in the subject of the email if you are looking for either a:
i.  “General review - no deadline” (i.e. “I want to be prepared just in case an interesting job comes up!”) or
ii. “Upcoming application + deadline date” (with proof of deadline, i.e. myFuture reference number, link to job offer, etc.)


CV Clinics (for Organized Recruitment)

The CDO offers a number of CV Clinics throughout the year, timed to coincide with the various recruitment processes.

Virtual or In-person CV Clinics are offered for the US OCIs, Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto OCIs, and the Montreal Articling Recruitment processes. 

Registration is mandatory on myFuture. Students are typically made aware of these events through the relevant distribution lists (See Organized recruitment).