Mock Interview Program

Mock interviews provide you with the opportunity to practice your interview skills in view of an upcoming meeting with an employer. Mock interviews are usually conducted by the CDO Director. You need to book an appointment through the placement [dot] law [at] mcgill [dot] ca (CDO), indicating your availabilities during regular consultation schedule. Make sure to mention when your interview is, and with which employer (as it is relevant for preparation.)

Dans le cas de la Course aus stages, les entrevues simulées sont assurées par des avocats et avocates membres de l'Association du Barreau canadien - section Québec lors d'une journée intensive (vers la mi-février.) Ces avocats et avocates sont souvent des recruteurs pour des cabinets et entreprises montréalaises. L'inscription est obligatoire sur myFuture.

Each mock interview with the director lasts about 30 minutes, with 15-20 minutes for the interview itself and 10-15 minutes for constructive feedback. If there are some questions that you would like to adress as well, make sure to mention it, so we can adjust the interview format.


Preparing for Mock Interviews

It is a good idea to prepare answers to sample interview questions ahead of time. This kind of preparation can help boost your confidence and improve your performance during an interview. You may find interview preparation tips and documents here