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Internships resources

Here are some options available for those who are looking for interships and those who have secured internships and are looking for funding. 

Faculty Internships

The Faculty of Law offers students the opportunity to participate in a credited summer Human Rights Internship. These internships are coordinated through the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism (CHRLP) and count for course credit. Details about the Human Rights Internships can be found on the CHRLP website.

Also, the Human Rights Working Group provides funding through its Bursary Portfolio. Please contact HRWG for more information.

External Internships

Additional internship opportunities can also be found through external organizations. If you are organizing your own summer internship, it is a good idea to contact the organizations you wish to work for sometime between September and January.

The following sources can be used in your search for a summer internship:

  • The Public Interest Career Guide available on myFuture, at the Career Development Office, or on the CDO website.
  • Various external internship search engines (view our External Job Search Engines.)
  • The Canadian Bar Association Young Lawyers International Program: through this program, young lawyers are placed in seven-and-a-half-month internships (they are overseas for between six-and-a-half to seven months) to work with human rights legal organizations on issues such as women's rights, labour rights, constitutional rights, children's rights and indigenous people's rights, in Latin America and the Caribbean - www.cba.org/cba/idp/yiip/

Funding Summer Internships

One of the main challenge in making the most out of a summer internship opportunity is finding a source of funding. Please refer to the below document (updated February 2015) for tips and resources. 

PDF icon Financing your unpaid/underpaid, non-credit internship

Professional Development Internship Fund - 2015-2016

N.B. The Internship Fund has been depleted for 2015-2016. We wish you all every success in your summer endeavors and look forward to providing this service (depending on avaialble funding) again for 2016-2017!

The CDO is happy to announce the return of the Professional Development Internship Fund for summer 2016. The deadline to apply is May 15, 2016. We recommend applying as soon as you secure the internship.

Unpaid Internships

Most jurisdictions in North America only allow unpaid internships in certain circumstances. Students should educate themselves on these laws, and not accept a position they think could be in violation of these laws. Students should ensure their internship conforms with the McGill CaPS statement on unpaid internships. For more information, see the following links:

In Canada:

http://internassociation.ca/what-is-the-law/(Note the Quebec section is incomplete)

In the USA: