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McGill Engineering has two different programs whereby students can acquire relevant work experience in industry. Undergraduate students studying Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical or Software Engineering can participate in the Engineering Internship Program. Mining and Materials Engineering students participate in a mandatory cooperative education program.

Engineering Internship Program (EIP)

McGill’s Engineering Internship Program provides undergraduates an opportunity to participate in 4, 8, 12 or 16 month-long engineering internships commencing in January, May or September. This gives employers the opportunity to invest in future employees while contributing to students' educational process in a significant and meaningful way. Our students participate in internships in order to further their academic, professional and personal growth.

What are the criteria for an engineering internship?

  • The internship must be a full-time paid position with a salary based on the student's experience and level of studies
  • The work must be related to the student's field of study
  • The student must be assigned to a supervisor who is an engineer or other related professional
  • Relevant training must be provided
  • The supervisor will be required to complete a short evaluation at the end of the student's work term
  • The internship must be approved by the Engineering Career Centre

Who participates in the EIP program?

  • Well rounded students possessing an excellent work ethic, strong communication skills, dedication to their field of study, and the desire to obtain experience in industry
  • Students must be returning to their undergraduate program as a full-time student post-internship

Why should industry participate in the EIP program?

  • To gain access to motivated and talented students who can bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm
  • To contribute to the professional development of engineering students and help them explore career options
  • To train and screen potential employees before making long-term decisions
  • To help advance projects your staff don’t have time to develop
  • To develop new and closer ties with academia


  1. Employers post their job descriptions directly through MyFuture, choosing “McGill Engineering Internship Program” (PLEASE POST POSITIONS ONE TERM PRIOR TO INTERNSHIP START DATE).
  2. Students may be instructed to email their application or apply online to your company website.
  3. Please contact our office to arrange interviews and ensure students are eligible for the Engineering Internship Program (EIP).
  4. Please extend your offers through our office, and we will notify the students.
  5. Please confirm employment by letter to our office and to the students.


It is expected that employers will:

  • extend all job offers through the Engineering Career Centre
  • confirm acceptance of job offers and terms of employment in writing to students and to the institution
  • honour all offers of employment
  • provide a job that relates to the position posted
  • provide accurate and complete information on job responsibilities, compensation and benefits
  • provide the student with a thorough orientation to the job and company
  • assign a mentor or advisor to assist the student to identify goals and clarify role and responsibilities
  • treat the student as an employee, let their expectations be like their co-workers'
  • provide the student with relevant training and development opportunities
  • monitor the student's progress, and provide formal/informal feedback on a timely basis to both the student and the institution
  • assist the Engineering Career Centre in coordinating site visits

It is expected that students participating in the EIP will:

  • provide accurate and appropriate information on their qualifications and interests when applying for positions
  • notify the Engineering Career Centre office well in advance if interviews must be rescheduled or cancelled
  • notify the institution of acceptance or rejection of an offer within the time allotted
  • honour the acceptance of the offer, since it is a contractual agreement with both the employer and the institution

On the job the student will:

  • be responsible and accountable
  • respect safety and the environment
  • demonstrate ethical and professional judgment
  • be punctual, resourceful, adaptable and productive
  • recognize and respect the employer/employee relationship: communicate progress and areas of concern with the employer first, then the Engineering Career Centre
  • assist the Engineering Career Centre in coordinating site visits

It is expected that the Engineering Career Centre will:

  • provide equal services to all students and employers
  • accommodate employers' reasonable requests for job postings, interview space and location
  • provide students with accurate information on all recruiting employers

Tax Credits

Employers hiring students through either the Engineering Internship Program or Co-op programs may be eligible for provincial tax credits. For information, please go to: www.inforoutefpt.org/creditimpot/en.

Tax credit forms are completed at the end of the internship/stage period. If you have hired a student through McGill’s Engineering Internship Program, please complete the following areas of form C0-1029.8.33.10 and then return the form by email to careers4engineers [at] mcgill [dot] ca or by fax (514-398-2169). You will be sent a signed official copy of form CO-1029.8.33.10 by mail.

Areas to be completed by the employer:

  • Section 1 - Company name and address
  • Section 3 - Supervisor’s name
  • Page 2: Columns 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8