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Working with ECC

The ECC staff would be happy to collaborate with you and your department to organize specific events and activities tailored to the needs of your students. We strive to organize activities, such as workshops, panels, information sessions and speaker events, that provide students with information that is degree specific, industry-specific or career specific.

At the Engineering Career Centre, we appreciate the unique relationship you have with your students. We would be pleased to support your programs and involve you in ours.

What We Can Do:

Speak in classes and work with you on special programs or workshops

We are often invited to come to classes to deliver custom-design talks or workshops about career issues, and/or to offer special seminars on career options for specific disciplines/majors. Please let us know if you’d like us to prepare a panel or program for your students.

Connect you with industry recruiters

We continuously meet with engineering and technology professionals when we visit companies. Many of them are interested in getting to know McGill Engineering faculty, or in giving tech talks about their research and technologies. Please let us know if you would be interested in such collaboration.

What You Can Do:

Participate in our career education programs and panels

We host a wide range of Engineers-in-Action speaker events and workshops each year, and your participation would be most welcome. Please let us know if you would be available to participate in career-related programming.

Suggest topics for Engineering Career Centre events or workshops

If you have ideas for workshops or events that you’d like us to offer, please let us know.

Identify alumni who want to participate in career workshops or Engineers-in-Action speaker events

We make extensive use of alumni/ae as panelists or solo speakers. If you know of graduates from your program who you think would be good speakers, we’d be glad to include them in upcoming events.

Meet with employers interested in hiring your students

Many employers express interest in meeting with key faculty across all departments. If you would be willing or interested in meeting with employers, please let us know and we’ll be sure to contact you when someone will be coming to campus.

Encourage your students to use the services of the Engineering Career Centre

Many students look to their professors for direction and guidance on “what to do next.”

Please encourage your students to visit our website and use our programs and services, in particular the Engineering Internship Program, career development workshops, and drop-in service. The Engineering Career Centre staff has a great deal of experience with a wide range of career issues and choices, and we are eager to help students at all stages of their careers.

Encourage your industry contacts to post their employment or internship opportunities with the Engineering Career Centre

We offer employers the opportunity to post their positions free of charge. Employers may take advantage of our other recruitment services and learn more about the best ways to raise their profile with our students.

Working together, we can ensure that McGill engineering students will get the best preparation possible to obtain work, ready themselves for their career, or prepare for graduate or professional studies.

Hiring a Student

Hiring a student or young alumni on a full-time, part-time, or summer basis is a great way for them to gain insight and experience in the working world. You can even receive a wage subsidy through the Work Study Program at McGill or through another subsidy program. Please post your positions through myFuture, our online career management system.

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