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Offers a comprehensive selection of sample letters for myriad career situations, such as cover letters, cold calls, negotiating salaries, and much more.
Four French school boards in Outaouais looking for teachers.
Tips on how to conduct an informal interview.
Provided by Canadian Society of Zoologists, a description of what is zoology and career possibilities in this field.
Includes information about careers in medicine and applying to medical school, as well as resources for medical students and residents.
Provides information and resources to aboriginal entrepreneurs and organizations to achieve their business goals.
Canada's leading innovators in Aboriginal recruitment, retention and advancement.
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada offers links and information on financial support, child care, housing and career planning.
Offered by About.com, job openings, fellowships, internships, stipends and subscription lists for students who major in Art History.
A global academic job site to search or announce teaching, post doc, endowed chairs, administrative and senior management opportunities at (community) colleges, universities and research institutes in Canada, the US, and around the globe.
Academic Invest helps introduce students in Canada to scholarship opportunities, jobs and advice.
A meta-collection of Internet resources that have been gathered for the academic job hunter. It includes links to faculty, staff, and administrative announcements and is not restricted to teaching positions. Jobs can be searched by discipline or function.
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. The Academy is committed to improving the nation's health and advancing the profession of dietetics through research, education and advocacy. Information on careers.
Sample essays and free consultation service.
Canadian job listings in Accounting.
A 6-month (May-October) intensive program offering comprehensive curriculum-guided apprenticeships in certified organic agriculture (also available as a summer-term from May-August–please inquire!). This program is designed for aspiring farmers with some hands-on experience, who are seeking in-depth education in organic farming systems and an authentic experience of the rewards and challenges of ‘farm-living,’ to inspire future operations of their own.
The Society has grown steadily in membership and stature. At this time about 7500 men and women who work in acoustics throughout the U.S. and abroad belong to this prestigious Society.
A global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger. Volunteer opportunities in many areas: Food security, sanitation and hygiene, nutrition and health, human resources, program coordination and more.
A specialized service for manpower which targets people with pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) without intellectual limitations who need assistance integrating and remaining in employment. Services include: career orientation, help with writing CV and cover letters, interview techniques, and more.
Submit your CV and search for jobs in the adhesive and sealant industry.
Administrative support and secretarial staff.
Step by step analysis, structure, and writing guide with sample personal statements. Offer free sample essays.
Link to the admission information of Canadian Faculties of Medicine. This documents is updated yearly.
Admissions Advice for Canadian Premeds Applying to Canadian Medical Schools. It also includes tips on writing the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) and some additional information regarding the med school interview process.
A front line of research and development in the area of advanced foods and bio-materials - from antibiotics, frozen food quality to faster healing wound dressings. HQPA (High Quality Personnel Association) are the undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctorate fellows and research associates involved in the AFMNet research projects. The AFMNet offers funding, awards, mentor program, training and networking opportunities. Registration may be required.
Search firms servicing a wide variety of client companies, from start-ups to the Fortune 50.
Offers an expanding list of gap year and volunteering projects abroad which include a variety of countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.
This Montreal based company posts job offers from Canadian companies and others for Africa. Register to submit your CV and apply for jobs.
VIA offers summer internship and long-term volunteer programs. Volunteers are placed with social service organizations, research institutes and media organization in Uganda, South Africa, and Tanzania. Requires a fee.
An international recruitment organization working with companies across Africa, Asia, and MENA to recruit internationally-based graduates and professionals back into jobs within their home countries.
The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) provides volunteer and internship opportunities for international development. .
A portal to the resources of Farm Business Communications, Canada's largest publisher of newspapers and magazines for farmers. Links to Country Guide, Graines, Canadian Cattlement and more.
Seasonal and summer jobs to fill positions offered by agricultural producers in the Montreal surrounding area, such as Lanaudière, Outaouais-Laurentides, Saint-Jean-Valleyfield, Saint-Hyacinthe and Central-Quebec.
This human services agency offers employment, family and immigration services to the Montreal Jewish community.
An online community for farmers and specialists across Canada. Find current market information, other web sites, publications, educational opportunities and connect with members.
A not-for-profit association serving the professional interests of members working in agricultural and broadly related fields of applied economics. View job postings on web site.
The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food is responsible for all matters relating to agriculture. This includes supporting agricultural productivity and trade, stabilizing farm incomes, encouraging research and development, and being responsible for the inspection and regulation of animals and plant-life forms. The Minister has been assigned responsibility for coordinating rural development and enhancing the quality of rural life.
A list of research centres.
Jobs on agrotourism. This site provides a directory of farm enterprises, rural events, articles and news, etc.
An online book published by the American Historical Association - an overview of career options for History majors: Historians in classrooms, historians in museums, historians in editing and publishing, historians in archives, historians in historic preservation, historians as consultants and contractors, and historians in federal, state and local history.
This is a report prepared by American American Historical Association - a study of job outcomes of careers for history PhDs.
Working to enhance the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS.
Health jobs with Alberta Health Services.
Student summer employment with the Government of Alberta.
Comprehensive website from the Government of Alberta covering all aspects of higher education, the job search and career development.
The Society ensures that practitioners using the title Professional Biologist meet education and experience minimums and practice under an ethics standard. This site contains career information and job postings.
Offers seasonal positions: Culinary, food & beverage, banquets, golf grounds, front office, recreation attendant, etc.
Explore career options related to food.
ACTRA is a national organization of 18,000 Canadian performers working in the English-language recorded media: Film, Television, Video and all other recorded media.
Service to immigrants to find jobs, learning languages and more. (In French).