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What is Job Finding Club (JFC)?

The premise of the CaPS Job Finding Club (JFC) is that finding employment is in itself a full-time job, which may be easier if done with a group of people. The JFC consists of a group of ten to fifteen graduating students, all of whom are seeking employment. You will have each other for support, with the assistance of a CaPS facilitator and the career advisors. It is a two-week program designed to teach you the most effective means of finding work in the field in which you want to be employed.

Registration Fee

  • The fee to attend the Job Finding Club is $30 which includes the Job Search Handbook.
  • This fee is payable by cash only at the CaPS front desk prior to the first day.
  • Please note, students will be reimbursed $15 on the last day of the JFC.
  • Students who miss more than one day will result in no reimbursement.

Date for the next Job Finding Club:

  • Coming soon

Logistics of the Club and Topics Covered

The JFC encompasses the mainstream in-house workshops offered by CaPS. These workshops are packaged together during the two weeks, along with other sessions designed for the club. Additionally, guest speakers come in to inspire and encourage you on your job search.

Every day during the two-week sessions, you will immediately put into action the techniques being taught. You will discuss on a daily basis your assigned tasks and benefit from each individual's sharing. You will obtain personalised help from the facilitator and career advisors, and also from the rest of the group.

Throughout the two weeks, you will really get to know yourself through the eyes of the participants in the club. These students will become some of your closest friends, strongest critics and most solid supporters in your mission to find satisfying employment. In turn, you will find yourself supporting a group of ten to fifteen people, just like you, looking to start their careers.

In addition, you will learn how to spend six to eight hours a day looking for work, instead of the one to two hour average of most Canadians. During this process you will write your CV and cover letters, create business cards, learn to target the market, practice calling employers for appointments, prepare and practice for interviews, and learn how to cope with potential rejection. Along the way you will help others in areas you do well in and accept assistance in areas in which you need help. You will benefit from the direct support of the Job Finding Club and continue to benefit from the ongoing CaPS services once the sessions are over.


In order to be eligible for admission you must have an employment goal and be:

  • Close to your graduation date or have graduated.
  • Out of work.
  • Serious and ready to actively look for work.
  • Willing to accept innovative ideas about finding work.
  • Available 9am - 4pm, Monday through Friday, for two weeks.

How to Register

If you meet the eligibility requirements, to register, you must:

When you register, we will book an appointment for a selection interview. During the interview, you will be asked primarily about your employment goals and what you have done in order to achieve them. The balance of the interview will be on the eligibility points mentioned above, and should take between fifteen and thirty minutes. If you are selected for the CaPS Job Finding Club, we will contact you a week prior to the starting date.

The Success Rate

The statistics collected from an in-house survey conducted in November 2005 provided very promising results since the inception of the program in the year 2000.

81% of participants found a job within four months of participating in the Job Finding Club and from these participants, 85% found employment in their field of interest and 77% of participants felt that the CaPS Job Finding Club helped them get their job.


Yun Guo, Bachelor of Commerce, 2008

I landed a great job from a bank in three months after participating in the job finding club. I learned a great deal about job search techniques from my two weeks participation, but what more important was the support I obtained from the staff at CaPS and other participants. I was not alone in the job search journey. I met a lot of great participants and realized that they were all excellent candidates yet still struggling to find jobs. It made me realize that sometimes it was not that I wasn't good enough, but rather I was waiting for the right opportunity at the right time. I gained a lot of confidence through this journey. The last thing I would like to share with those who are in the journey to land their dream jobs is: never give up and even though sometimes it feels like it is you who are against the world, you shall never stop trying, because you will never know what opportunity is awaiting you around the corner. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the people at CaPS: This is a great program and you guys have done a terrific job!

Clarice Wong, Bachelor of Arts: Psychology, Employment Counsellor, Centre d'Intégration Jeunesse

My story starts off after participating in the CaPS Job Finding Club (JFC) back in 2004. I conducted a number of informational interviews. I had one with an HR associated which was interesting although it seemed that the woman was worried about giving away too much information. Regardless, the outcome for me is that I came out of the interview knowing more than if I hadn't went at all. Although I was nervous I felt it went well. I may not have done many information interviews, but from those that I had done I have learned a lot. Following that I worked during the summer at Ernst & Young as the summer replacement. It was difficult finding full time employment because job postings were rather quiet over the summer and related positions at E&Y were event more non-existent. However, I continued and finally, I found work at Centre d'Intégration Jeunesse in St- Lambert as an Employment Counsellor. I think I was really lucky to get this job, I thought that I did so bad at the interview but I guess they didn't notice. On top of that, the job as Human Resource Consultant at a small acounting firm that I did not get in May before joining the JFC, called me back asking if I was interested to come in for another interview. I have been really lucky with everything I have learned at CaPS and at JFC.

Xiao Zhang

I am pleased to share a good news with you that I got an offer. I am going to work in Ottawa after the coming convocation. It is a good engineering consulting company and I like the position. I applied to it in June, after a telephone interview, contacting my reference, and on site interview. The training I received in the job finding cluk helped me alot. Thank you very much.

Luis Aguilera, Master of Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineer, Barr-Rosin

I got a job offer to work as a chemical engineer. I got it through a headhunter who interviewed me for 15 minutes. The company is located at Boisbriand, 20 minutes from Henry Bourassa metro. They make air dryers used to dry grains, powders, polymers, etc. I will be the pilot plant engineer and I will be running experiments. I am really happy because it took me 8 months to find a job matching my experience, personal goals and geographical restrictions I had chosen for myself. I did not want to move from Quebec. During this time I had to work as a data entry clerk for Purolator and then as proactive agent at the Royal Bank. The positive balance of these jobs is that my French skills improved dramatically that now I can say with confidence "yes I am trilingual" (English, French, Spanish). I am also happy because my boss told me they were very impressed with my personality and enthusiasm. It was not easy at all but without CaPS and the Job Finding Club it would have been even more difficult to go through the job search experience. I used some of the tricks learned at the Job Finding Club, I confess I didn't use all of them but I tried to adapt and use them according to each circumstance. I want to thank CaPS and share my happiness as you were and are part of my success.

Katherine Black, 2005

The JFC really prepared me to find a job in my field of interest. I feel confident now that for whatever job I apply for, my CV and cover letter will be among the most professional and impressive. I also learned the value of networking firsthand. Thank you.

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