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Career Magazines

Many career magazines are online and are free. Whether you are thinking of studying or working abroad, finding entry level jobs, or starting your own business, these career magazines give good advice on how to go about it.

Student Jobs & Entry-Level Careers

Career Options (twice a year)
Canada's top employment magazine for students and job seekers that includes vital career search tips from experts. This magazine is also available in print format and is FREE to be picked up at CaPS.

Jobpostings (8 tiems a year)
Canadian magazine that gives you entry-level, full-time, part-time, internship opportunities and career tips. Jobpostings also publishes Grad School Planning Guide (twice a year) and Disabilities Edition (twice a year). FREE to pick up at CaPS.

Jobpostings Grad School Planning Guide (twice a year)
Topics include: Is grad school right for you? Advice on how to get into grad school, and school listings.

CareerRookie Magazine (US)
A magazine with featured articles in employment outlook, information about virtual career fairs, how to... and more. Individual subscription to this Magazine is free on their website.

Magazine Jobboom (French) (10 times a year)
Tips and advice on all aspects of the world of work.

Jobs & Carrières Infos (French) (once a month)
The only employment newspaper for bilingual opportunities in Ontario.

Work/Study Abroad Guides

Canadian Student Magazine (Twice a year)
Designed for students, graduates and professionals seeking comprehensive and relevant information about educational and experiential program options abroad and in Canada.

Verge Magazine - Go Abroad Resource Guides
North America's premier magazine for exploring opportunities to study, work and volunteer abroad. The regular print publication is available to read only at CaPS.

The e-guide to learning, living and working overseas.

Specialized Careers

Careers in Management

Career Insider Accounting (once a year)
Insider report and articles for students and professionals in Accounting. This magazine is also available in print format and is FREE to be picked up at CaPS.

QS Top MBA Career Guide
The QS Top MBA Career Guide is the leading print publication for MBA candidates and graduates who are looking to further their career with an MBA qualification.

Entrepreneur / Small Business

Entrepreneur Startups Magazine (3 times a year)
Tips, news and insider news to help starting your own business

Careers in Academia

University Affairs (10 times a year)
Canada's magazine and career resource for higher education. Individual subscription is free to people who work or study at an AUCC (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada) member institution, including McGill University. This magazine is also available in print format and can be accessed at CaPS.
For free digital edition: FREE subscription
Website: University Affairs

The Chronicle of Higher Education
The leading source of news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators. The online newspaper is accessible at Career Periodicals & Databases.
Website: The Chronicle of Higher Education


DiversityInc Magazine
The leading source of information on diversity management and top companies to work for (e.g., Top companies for LGBT employees, for American Asians, for people with disabilities, for women).

Profiles in Diversity Journal (bi-month)
Focusing on diversity/inclusion in business, government, non-profit, higher education and military settings.