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Environment & Sustainability

Work Area

Work in this sector encompasses a large range of professions. Possible work areas include:

  • Environmental protection and preservation
  • Geographic information system (GIS)
  • Eco-friendly or green design
  • Sustainable development
  • Clean technology
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental research and development
  • Environmental policy and legislation
  • Health care and social assistance
  • Site assessment, remediation and reclamation
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Landscape architect
  • Building inspection
  • Regional planning and urban planning
  • Air/water/land quality assurance
  • Environmental education and training
  • Environmental consulting
  • Green economy

Typical Employers

Typical employers can be categorized into the following core areas:

  • Environmental protection. Organizations in air quality, water quality, site assessment and reclamation, waste management, health and safety industry sectors. Typical employers include but not limited to, engineering consulting firms, government, chemical, petrochemical or utility companies, GIS firms, surveying and computer mapping companies.
  • Resource management. Organizations in energy, fisheries and wildlife, natural resource management industry sectors. Typical employers include but not limited to, local, provincial and federal governments, national parks, commercial fish farms and hatcheries, non-profit and inter-governmental organizations, consulting and business firms.
  • Environmental sustainability. Organizations in education and training, research and development, policy and legislation, communications and public awareness industry sectors. Typical employers include but not limited to, general medical and surgical hospitals, colleges universities and professional schools, governments, legal services, social advocacy services, advertising and related services, non-profit organizations.

Industry Profiles

To learn more about this sector, visit the following web sites:

Career Profiles

To learn more about different career options in this sector, visit the following web sites:

  • Career Profiles (ECO Canada)
    Career profiles categorized by envirostream: Air, animals, communication, governance, water, plants, communities, human use, and land. Each profile includes job duties, salary and related careers.
  • Green Jobs (TalentEgg)
    Green job career resources - certification information, average starting salaries for entry level green jobs, green jobs for new grads and more.
  • Career Kit - Forest Products Industry (The Greenest Workforce)
    Job profiles, careers in the forest products industry, fast-facts on careers and more.
  • Environmental Health Careers (AEHAP)
    What do environmental health professionals do and what are the different areas of specialization.

Articles of Interest

Career Books

Find a Company

The following websites provide company listings:

McGill, Quebec & Ontario


  • Business Directory (ECO Canada)
    Organizations and agencies related to the environment protection, resource management and environmental sustainability.
  • Environmental Marketplace (Canadian.Environmental.Com)
    Organizations in the environment. Categories: Recyclers, renewable energy, waste treatment, pollution prevention, etc.
  • Consulting Companies (Enviro-access Consulting)
    Companies offering environmental solutions. Fields: Water, air, soil, waste management, agriculture, ecological products, renewable energies and more.
  • Environment Business Directory (Ontario Environment Business Directory)
    Companies in environmental business. Coverage: global. Searchable by location, goods/services, industry type, etc.
  • Company Directories (Baum Publications Ltd. Magazines)
    Scroll to the bottom and choose a magazine in the "Visit our magazines" field.  On the next page, choose the link "companies" to see listings. The sectors: Heavy equipment, Oil & gas products, Recycling products, Underground infrastructure.
  • SDTC Annual Report Supplement (Sustainable Development Technology Canada)
    The supplement to each year's annual report contains a list of organizations and their projects funded by the SDTC.


  • Environmental Industry Online (Environmental Expert)
    A portal to global environmental industry information and resources including buyers, suppliers, products, jobs, etc.
  • Canadian Environmental Resource Guide (Canada's Information Resource Centre) (VPN is required. 5-8 simultaneous users)
    Access is limited to 8 users at a time. Searchable listings of manufacturers, distributors, service companies, consulting firms, governmental offices, special libraries, trade representatives specializing in the environment.
  • Environmental Services (Linkedin Company Directory)
    Select a major city in the world to see company listings.

Wildlife Conservation


Clean Technology / Sustainable Energy

  • Quebec - Cleantech Companies (Écotech Québec)
    Key decision makers of cleantech sector of Quebec. Searchable by sectors: air, green chemistry, water, eco-mobility, energy efficienty, renewable energy, waste, soil and groundwater.
  • BC - Sustainable Energy Directory (BC Sustainable Energy Association)
    Sectors: Bioenergy, solar energy, wind energy, geo exchange, consulting, etc.
  • Canada - Sources of Renewable Energy (Pembina Institute)
    External links to companies in: Bioenergy, earth energy, geothermal, hydropower, solar energy, tidal power, wave power, and wind energy.
  • Global - Renewable Energy Companies (Renewable Energy World)
    Searchable by technology, function and country.

Job Search Websites

Find a job by exploring the following job banks and job search websites:





Jobs in Wildlife Conservation

Social Network, Communities & Conferences

Sector Councils & Associations

  • ECO Canada
    The country's largest online resource for environmental jobs, training and certification.
  • RCEN - Affiliate Networks
    Links to provincial and territorial affiliate networks.

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