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First Name: Yessica-Haydee
Last Name: Gomez
Department: Experimental and Internal Medicine
Job Functions:
Lab Work
Data Analysis
Library Research
Field Work
Position Starting: Time Varies
Paid/ Unpaid: Unpaid
Hires from other departments: Related Departments
Education Level: U2
Length of term(s) (months): 6-12 Months
Can be part-time during semester?: Yes
How to apply (email or in person): Email
Usual Deadline: No Specific Deadline Date

Dr. Stella Daskalopoulou at the Vascular Health Unit of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre regularly seeks motivated undergraduate students to assist current research coordinators/graduate students on a myriad of clinical studies. The successful candidate usually assist on data entry, management, monitoring and various related task until the candidate has shown maturity and proficiency (or has acquired this experience elsewhere). Once these skills are acquired, the successful candidates is invited to assist on a more involved level, helping recruitment, experiment completion and ethics protocol ammendments. With such a program, we hope to offer any undergraduate student the opportunity to discover clinical studies.

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