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Careers for Persuasive Types & Others Who Won't Take No for an Answer (2nd ed.) CaPS Book
Living abroad – a Canadian's guide to working, studying, volunteering or retiring in a foreign country [duotang binder] CaPS Book http://travel.gc.ca/travelling/publications/working-abroad
Organismes communautaires du Québec 2009-2010 CaPS Book
Young Entrepreneur's Edge, (The) CaPS Book
Real-Resumes for Media, Newspaper, Broadcasting & Public Affairs Jobs CaPS Book
Directory of Community Services of Greater Montreal / Répertoire des services communautaires du Grand Montréal 2011-2012 CaPS Book
Young Entrepreneur's Edge, (The) CaPS Book
How to Start a Career in Information Technology CaPS Book
Careers for Fashion Plates & Other Trendsetters CaPS Book
8 To Be Great CaPS Book
How to Succeed at University: An Essential Guide to Academic Skills and Personal Development CaPS Book
Répertoire des organismes et des projets 2009-2010 CaPS Book
Work 101: Learning the ropes of the workplace without hanging yourself CaPS Book
Achieving Student Auccess: Effective Student Services in Canadian Higher Education (Missing) CaPS Book
Stuff You Don't Learn in Engineering School: Skills for Success in the Real World CaPS Book
Directory of Japanese-Affiliated Companies in the USA & Canada: 2002 [CD-ROM] CaPS Book
Resumes for Architecture and Related Careers CaPS Book
Global Classroom, (The): An Essential Guide to Study Abroad CaPS Book
Theatre Listing: A Directory of Canadian Professional Theatre CaPS Book http://www.pact.ca/Publications/Theatre-Listing.aspx
Gestures : The Do's and Taboos of Body Language Around the World CaPS Book
Careers in Social & Rehabilitation Services (3rd ed.) CaPS Book
Academic Scientists at Work: Navigating the Biomedical Research Career [Book + CD-ROM] CaPS Book
How'd You Score That Gig?: A Guide to the Coolest Jobs-and How to Get Them CaPS Book
Qui Fait Quoi 2011 CaPS Book
Power Phrases! The perfect words to say it right and get the results you want [expanded 5th edition + CD] CaPS Book
Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2011 CaPS Book
Basic Black: The Essential Guide for Getting Ahead at Work (and in Life) [Hardcover] CaPS Book
Canadian Student & Grad Job Directory, The CaPS Book
Canadian Writer's Market, (The) (19th ed.) CaPS Book
Getting Things Done CaPS Book


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