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What can I do with my studies?

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Fédération des Kinesiologues du Québec Website http://www.kinesiologue.com/
Great Jobs for Physical Education Majors Book
Careers in Sport Fitness, and Exercise Book
Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry (4th ed.) Book
Careers for Health Nuts & Others Who Like to Stay Fit (2nd ed.) Book
Careers for Sports Nuts & Other Athletic Types Book
Canadian Kinesiology Alliance Website http://www.cka.ca/
What can I do with my studies in Life Sciences? Handout http://www.mcgill.ca/caps/sites/mcgill.ca.caps/files/mac_life_sciences.pdf
BIOTECanada Website http://www.biotech.ca/en/default.aspx
Contact Canada Life Science Search Engine Website http://www.contactcanada.com/database/freesearch.php
Renewable Energy & CleanTech Canada Industry Guide 2012 Book
Life Sciences Panel 2009 - Research Careers Outside Academia [DVD] Book
Life Sciences Panel 2009 - Management Roles [DVD] Book
Biotech Gate Website http://www.biotechgate.com/
Biotechnology Focus Website http://biotechnologyfocus.ca/
Industry Guide - Life Sciences Website http://www.mcgill.ca/caps/students/explore/industry/life-sciences
Life Sciences BC Website http://www.lifesciencesbc.ca/
Life Sciences Ontario Website http://www.lifesciencesontario.ca/home/index.php
BioNova Website http://www.bionova.ca/
BioQuébec Website http://bioquebec.com/en/
Bio Alberta Website http://www.bioalberta.com/
Canada's Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies Website http://www.canadapharma.org/
MEDEC Website http://www.medec.org/en
Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association Website http://www.canadiangenerics.ca/en/index.asp
What can I do with my studies in Linguistics? Handout http://www.mcgill.ca/caps/sites/mcgill.ca.caps/files/major_linguistics.pdf
Canadian Linguistic Association (ACL) Website http://homes.chass.utoronto.ca/~cla-acl/
ATAMESL (L'Association des travailleurs autonomes et micro-entreprises en services linguistiques) Website http://www.atamesl.org/
Editors’ Association of Canada Website http://www.editors.ca/
Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States (LACUS) Website http://lacus.weebly.com/index.html
LINGUIST List Website http://www.linguistlist.org/