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Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Website http://www.cspg.org
Careers for Environmental Types & Others Who Respect the Earth (2nd ed.) Book
Careers for Nature Lovers & Other Outdoor Types Book
Alternative Careers in Science: Leaving the Ivory Tower (2nd ed.) Book
Great Jobs for Geology Majors (2nd ed.) Book
Paesta - Earth Science Careers Website http://www.paesta.psu.edu/earth-science-careers
American Geosciences Institute - Geoscience Careers Website http://www.americangeosciences.org/workforce/career-resources
geology.com - Geology, Earth Sciece and Oil and Gas Jobs Website http://geology.com/jobs.htm
Association for Women Geoscientists Website http://www.awg.org/
Geological Association of Canada – Planetary Sciences Division Website http://uwo.ca/earth/GACPSD/
Geological Association of Canada – Planetary Sciences Division Website http://planetary.org/
American Astronomical Society – Planetary Sciences Website http://dps.aas.org/
What can I do with my studies in Economics? Handout http://www.mcgill.ca/caps/sites/mcgill.ca.caps/files/major_economics.pdf
American Economic Association (AEA) Website http://www.aeaweb.org/
Canadian Economics Association Website http://economics.ca/
EconJobMarket.org Website https://econjobmarket.org/
Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) Website http://www.cba.ca/en/
Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service Book
Journey to Become a Diplomat (with a Guide to Careers in World Affairs) Book
Great Jobs for Economics Majors (2nd ed.) Book
Careers in International Affairs (8th ed.) Book
CaPS Carer Month 2006 - Careers in Economics [DVD] Book
Western Economic Association International Website http://www.weai.org/index.html
National Economic Association Website http://www.neaecon.org/
Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC) Website http://edac.ca/
Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences Website http://www.ideas-idees.ca/
Canadian Association for Business Economics Website https://www.cabe.ca/
English CEGEPS in Montreal Handout http://www.mcgill.ca/caps/sites/mcgill.ca.caps/files/career_englishcegep.pdf
What can I do with my studies in Education? Handout http://www.mcgill.ca/caps/sites/mcgill.ca.caps/files/major_education.pdf
45000 jeunes vous attent en outaouais (teaching jobs) Website http://www.4cso.qc.ca/offres.html

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