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The faculty of the Program in Cancer Genetics participates in teaching at all levels in the areas of human, medical, and cancer genetics, oncology, and biology (see examples below).

HGEN 690
3 credits
Inherited Cancer Syndromes
Human Genetics: The principles and practice associated with inherited predisposition to cancer (breast and colon cancers, example) such as the methods of gene discovery, clinical characteristics of inherited predisposition, methods of mutation analysis, genetic counselling, and ethical issues of genetic testing.

Offered by: Human Genetics
• Terms: Winter 2010
• Instructors: Patricia N Tonin

INDS 307
2 credits
Principles of Oncology
Interdisciplinary Studies: Students will be introduced to the basic principles of surgical, medical and radiation oncology. Objectives are to know cancer risks, clinical presentations, cancer therapy; cancer prevention, cancer screening, genetic counselling; to interpret imaging and pathological data; to manage in a multidisciplinary approach.

Offered by: Medicine
• Terms: Winter 2010, Summer 2010
• Instructors: There are no professors yet associated with this course for the 2009-2010 academic year.

EXMD 614
3 credits
Environmental Carcinogenesis
Experimental Medicine: Methods for identification of carcinogens, including epidemiological studies, animal modelling and molecular biomarkers, and characteristics of known environmental carcinogens (viruses, chemical and physical agents and diet). Environmental factors will be placed in the context of overall cancer risk, which involves interaction of genetics, host and environment.

Offered by: Medicine
• Terms: Winter 2010
• Instructors: Shirley Lehnert