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The Division of Cancer Epidemiology is responsible for essentially all of the undergraduate and graduate-level teaching on cancer epidemiology and prevention at McGill. Our teaching at McGill includes: EPIB 671 Cancer Epidemiology&Prevention , a course entirely dedicated to cancer epidemiology and prevention, which is one of the most popular offerings in the Summer Program, EXMD 504 Biology of Cancer (Cancer Biology, Fall), EXMD 614 Environmental Carcinogenesis (Environmental Carcinogenesis, Winter), oncology residency training course (lecture series on Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention, Spring). Every February since 1996, Dr Franco has also taught a popular 2-credit cancer prevention course at the University of São Paulo, in Brazil.

Since 1998, the division has authored short layperson's summaries of recent research on cancer epidemiology and prevention as a contribution to the educational objectives of our sponsor, the Cancer Research Society, Inc. These quarterly "Facts and Stats" are featured on the Society's web site. Each article is written by a different student or staff member of the division.