Strength in numbers

Heather Munroe-Blum

Over the course of my tenure at McGill, I have had the privilege of watching our great University flourish in many different ways. I have celebrated as our students have continued to boast the highest entering grades in the country; win the greatest percentage of national awards of any cohort in Canada; add to the esteemed ranks of Rhodes Scholars and Supreme Court clerks; and use their creativity and initiative to contribute to communities here in Montreal and around the world. I have welcomed with pride the more than 1,000 new faculty members from within Quebec, Canada and around the world who have joined our ranks in the last decade, and have celebrated with them as their discoveries and accomplishments have made the headlines in academic journals and international newspapers. And, I have walked with delight through our campuses that shine with new buildings, restored historic structures, renovated teaching and learning environments, and beautiful green spaces that are a refuge for our campus community, and visitors alike.

All of this progress has helped McGill to remain the unique and exceptional institution that all of us hold dear. And none of this would have been possible without the generous contributions of our community of alumni and donors.

When I think about the substantial success we celebrate with the conclusion of Campaign McGill, this success is measured in dollars, yes, but also in the myriad of ways you—our donors—have enhanced opportunities for and enriched the experiences of our students and our professors, while supporting them, and McGill, to make even greater contributions to the world around us. Campaign McGill has united our global community of alumni, parents and friends, built new relationships, strengthened existing ones and enhanced McGill’s outstanding reputation in Canada and around the world. It has provided opportunities to celebrate and enrich our distinctive identity as a great international University deeply rooted in Quebec’s unique history and culture, and across our nation, Canada. It has helped bolster the academic excellence that makes a McGill degree a most valuable passport in every corner of the world.

The success of the Campaign is, above all, your success. Indeed: the success of our University—both now and in the future—is also your success. When I reflect on these past 10 years and more, that I have served McGill’s Principal and Vice-Chancellor, I am filled with gratitude towards you, and pride in all that has been achieved by you and all who care about our noble cause.

My heartfelt thanks, and my very best wishes,

Professor Heather Munroe-Blum, OC, OQ
Principal and Vice-Chancellor